Lily Finds Her OM Way: A Child's Introduction to Yoga

Lily Finds Her OM Way: A Child's Introduction to Yoga


“Lily Finds Her OM Way: A Child’s Introduction to Yoga” is a picture book that introduces children to yoga in a playful and creative way.

Lily goes on a magical adventure through nature with her grandmother to learn the ways in which her body can bend, stretch, and grow. Starting with a frog and ending with a lion, Lily discovers yoga poses children can follow and try at home with every animal and piece of nature she connects with in the story. This story will immediately inspire children to connect and learn from the world around them, as well as serve as an accessible entrypoint to children’s yoga.

In a changing world focusing on renewed attention to health and wellness, “Lily Finds her OM Way” is a key story in inviting children into the world of learning about and loving their bodies.

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Reviews of Lily Finds Her OM Way:

“Opening the first page of this book we are transported to a magical world where yoga, the practice of uniting the body with the mind and spirit, is explained and made accessible for both children and parents alike. Through the adventure of connecting with nature Lily finds her way to peace of mind, joy and inner strength. This book is a beautiful first introduction to yoga and will inspire your family so that you can find your OM way - together."

-Rachel Brathen, NYT Bestselling Author, Founder of Yoga Girl Foundation @yogagirl

"Reading this book, immediately tears of joy flooded my eyes. Never before have a read such a beautiful introduction to yoga, so simple yet so profound. The story truly conveys the essence of yoga as 'union' and reminds us of all the strength, joy, and inner peace we can find when we step out of our busy lives and connect more consciously to the magical world that is all around us. We learn that all things in the universe - the trees, the animals, the rain, the sky - all have something to teach us. Lily's adventure will resonate with the whole family, and turn story time into yoga time in a fun and accessible way. I am so excited to share this book with my own daughter, Lily."

-Amelia Barnes, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Prana Vida and Landon's Legacy Retreat @ameliakyoga

Additional Information:

Target Audience: Children aged 3-8
Book Length: 32 pages